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    SubjectRe: [PULL] A few documentation updates
    Greg KH <> wrote:

    > > Various fixes to Documentation/HOWTO
    > No objection from me, thanks for doing this. I do normally cc: all of
    > the different translation maintainers of this file when it is changed so
    > they know to update their translations where necessary. Do you want me
    > to do that?

    At the moment, I think, you're the only one capable of doing that.

    Should we maybe add a list of translators to the end of the document so
    people know who to notify? Either that, perhaps, or people like me
    should keep their grubby mitts off the file and make all changes through
    you so this notification can happen. If you'd prefer that sort of
    policy, maybe a note to that effect would be a good addition.

    Or maybe needs rss feeds for each file so people can
    subscribe to the commit messages they're interested in :)


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