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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 0/7] Clone PTS namespace
    "Serge E. Hallyn" <> writes:

    > Heh, well I tried several approaches - adding tag_ops to kset, to ktype,
    > etc. Finally ended up just calling sysfs_enable_tagging on
    > /sys/kernel/uids when that is created. It's now working perfectly.

    Sounds good.

    >> I suspect since you are working on this and I seem to be stuck
    >> in molasses at the moment it makes sense to figure out what it
    >> will take to handle the uid namespace before pushing these
    >> patches again.
    > I had ported your patches to 2.6.25, but Benjamin in the meantime ported
    > them to 2.6.25-mm1. Since that's closer to the -net tree it's a more
    > useful port, so I'll let him post his patchset. Then I'll send the
    > userns patch on top of that. While I'm not actually able to send
    > network traffic over a veth dev (I probably am still not setting it up
    > right), I am able to pass veth devices into network namespaces, and the
    > user namespaces are properly handled.
    > I believe Benjamin did notice a problem with some symlinks not existing,
    > and I think we want one more patch on top of yours removing the
    > hold_net() from sysfs_mount, which I don't think was what you really
    > wanted to do. By simply removing that, if all tasks in a netns go away,
    > the netns actually goes away and a lookup under a bind-mounted copy of
    > its /sys/class/net is empty.

    I will have to look, I need to refresh myself on where all of this code is.
    I think hold_net was what I wanted. A record that there is a user
    but not something that will keep the network namespace from going away.

    Essentially hold_net should be a debugging check rather then a
    real limitation.

    > Anyway the patches should be hitting the list next week.

    Cool. We can figure out what we need to do to merge them from

    >> Taking a quick look and having a clue what we will need to
    >> do for a theoretical device namespace is also a possibility.
    > I'm not sure I'm familiar enough with the kobject/class/sysfs/device
    > relationships yet to comment on that. It doesn't look like it should
    > really be a problem, though simply adding tags to every directory
    > under /sys/class (/sys/class/tty, /sys/class/usb_device, etc) doesn't
    > seem like necessarily the nicest way to go...

    True. And the goal is something maintainable. There are still a lot
    of implications of a device namespace left unexamined so we shall see.


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