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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Let SYSVIPC default to 'y'
On 24/04/2008, Kevin Winchester <> wrote:
> Jesper Juhl wrote:
> > SYSVIPC is a pretty crucial feature that I doubt very much if anyone
> except embedded people should even consider disabling - it simply breaks too
> much software for a Linux box to really be useful without it, for most
> purposes.
> > For that reason I find it quite odd that the feature defaults to 'No'
> currently. I really cannot see any reason why we wouldn't want this to
> default to 'Yes', so this patch changes the default by adding 'default y' to
> Kconfig.
> >
> I am running up-to-date Kubuntu Hardy Heron, but...
> kevin@alekhine:~/linux/linux-2.6$ grep SYSVIPC .config
> # CONFIG_SYSVIPC is not set
> What software that would be in a standard install would be broken? I don't
> seem to notice anything...
> Not that I mind the default being changed - I just wonder if things on my
> box are broken and I just don't know it.

DOSEmu doesn't work without it.
SysOrb ( doesn't work without it AFAIK.
IIRC, X had trouble in the past without it.
Anything that uses SysV shared memory, SysV message passing
(msgget(), msgsnd() etc..),
SysV semaphores (semget() etc), will have trouble.
In general, System V IPC is just used by many different programs...
Perhaps not any you run,
but it is pretty widely used.

Jesper Juhl <>
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