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Subjectmake cloneconfig ?
any reason why "make cloneconfig" never made it into mainline?

many people are quite used to it and every time i build vanilla kernel i step into that trap "oh - that`s a suse`ism"

make cloneconfig exists since /proc/config.gz - but while that one went into mainline, cloneconfig never did.

anyone know the reason for that ?

i wished, distros kernels were more similar to vanilla kernels - so what about making them more similar ?
List: linux-kernel
Subject: [patch] config.gz and make cloneconfig
From: Oliver Xymoron <oxymoron () waste ! org>
Date: 1999-07-20 20:03:45
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Please consider the following patch against 2.3.10 which adds a config
option to store the kernel configuration in the kernel image and make it
available as a file in /proc. It also adds 'make cloneconfig' which will
duplicate your running kernel configuration.

Also worth noting is scripts/bin2c, which is meant to replace the poorly
named and poorly located bin2hex programs that are in various places.

diff -urN linux/Documentation/ linux-cfg/Documentation/
--- linux/Documentation/ Mon Jul 5 22:37:25 1999
+++ linux-cfg/Documentation/ Tue Jul 20 13:35:21 1999
@@ -7464,6 +7464,14 @@
This option will enlarge your kernel by about 18 KB. Several
programs depend on this, so everyone should say Y here.

+/proc/config.gz support
+ Say Y here if you want a copy of your current kernel configuration
+ saved in the kernel that you build. This is extremely useful if you
+ ever build more than one kernel. The cost is around 1K-4K of running
+ memory. Only say no if you really can't spare this. You can sneeze
+ and lose more on memory than this.
NFS filesystem support
If you are connected to some other (usually local) Unix computer
diff -urN linux/Documentation/patches/cfg linux-cfg/Documentation/patches/cfg
--- linux/Documentation/patches/cfg Wed Dec 31 18:00:00 1969
+++ linux-cfg/Documentation/patches/cfg Tue Jul 20 14:26:27 1999
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+This patch adds /proc/config.gz and make cloneconfig
+Oliver Xymoron <>
+Jan 15 1999 - original 2.0.0-pre version
+Jul 20 1999 - updated to 2.3.10
+Derived from a patch by Nicholas Leon <> with
+suggestions from Michael Chastain <> and Peter T. Breuer
diff -urN linux/Makefile linux-cfg/Makefile
--- linux/Makefile Thu Jul 1 12:54:31 1999
+++ linux-cfg/Makefile Tue Jul 20 14:22:52 1999
@@ -243,6 +243,15 @@
config: symlinks
$(CONFIG_SHELL) scripts/Configure arch/$(ARCH)/

+cloneconfig: symlinks
+ @if [ -f "/proc/config.gz" ]; then \
+ mv -f .config .config.bak; \
+ gzip -d < /proc/config.gz > .config; \
+ $(CONFIG_SHELL) scripts/Configure -d arch/$(ARCH)/; \
+ else \
+ echo "Sorry, your current kernel was built without cloning support."; \
+ fi

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