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Subjectunofficial linux-0.01-3.5

I have released linux 0.01-3.3 on january 1, 2008.
And I often be asked 2 question :

the 1st was, "I can't build linux-0.01-3.3, why ?"
Well linux 0.01 was very well written, except 1 thing in the
Makefile :
To get file size of the kernel image, Linus Torvalds used the
following ( and ugly ) command :
"ls -l tools/system | grep system | cut -c31-37" which may be invalid
for you.
So the unofficial linux-0.01-3.5 ( which was released on the end of
January ) fix that and use
stat command instead. It should work on any computer.

by the way, linux 0.01 rocks !
a very small kernel, well writen, easy to understand and wich can do
real kernel job !
( scheduler works, paging system was already implemented, filesystem
worked in a different thread, and main syscall was already implemented )

the 2nd question was "I can't access to you website, where can I get
the source ?"
I get some mail from chinese guy saying that they can't access to
I suppose even will not work.
Maybe this is because of politics problem between France and China ?

Anyway, you can get the last kernel source code here:
hopefully work in any country :D



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