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SubjectRe: [bug] SCSI/SLUB - latest -git: WARNING: at mm/slub.c:2443 kmem_cache_destroy, scsi_put_host_cmd_pool()

* James Bottomley <> wrote:

> Thanks ... it looks like we may have trouble from devices that alter
> the unchecked isa dma flag after scsi_host_alloc. The guilty parties
> appear to be gdth, eata, u14-34f, ultrastor, BusLogic and advansys.
> The trouble is that if you alloc the host with it one way and free it
> with it the other, the wrong freelist is used and the ref counts are
> invalid.
> Try this pseudo fix: it avoids allocating the freelist until add time
> (by which time they should all have fixed the flag). It still doesn't
> change the fact that the host is allocated in the wrong region, but
> that shouldn't matter too much.

ok - do you intend to push this pseudo-fix upstream? If yes then please
consider it fixed as far as i'm concerned - i'll re-reply if the warning
resurfaces (it wasnt lethal to the bootup otherwise). Or if you've got
some other approach/fix then i can test that too.


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