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SubjectBIOS bug, APIC version if 0 for CPU#0
with the latest git on a macbook the system can barely boot without
freezing, a work around for me at leat is either disable smp, or once
booted turn on glxgears,or compiling the kernel i.g. when using the
processors I'm not receiving a freeze, only when everything starts
lowering down. in dmesg I'm noticing BIOS bug, APIC version is 0 for
CPU#0! fixing up to 0x10. (tell you're hw vendor) could this be the
reason for the system freezes?, also I didnt have a camera handy on me
but the screen spit out = Bug spinlock lockup on CPU#0
swapper/0. c17fa7c0 PID 0, comm: swapper not tainted.
I dont have a problem disabling smp, except when I cat /proc/cpuinfo I
don't see anything about my cores. I know this is a stupid question
but will it hurt the system if smp is disabled
for the macbook pro ati chipset.?

Justin P. Mattock
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