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    SubjectRe: x86: 4kstacks default
    On Tuesday 22 April 2008 03:28, David Chinner wrote:
    > We've already chopped off the low hanging fruit, added noinline to
    > every function definition to prevent compiler heuristics from
    > blowing out stack usage by 25% and reduced use of temporary
    > variables as much as possible. There's very little fat left to trim,
    > and still we can't reliably fit in 4k stacks.

    At yet, I got four screenfuls of

    fs/xfs/XXXXX.c: warning: unused parameter 'foo'

    when I added -Wunused_parameter to Makefile.
    Clearly there is some room for improvement.

    > Patches are welcome - I'd be over the moon if any of the known 4k
    > stack advocates sent a stack reduction patch for XFS, but it seems
    > that actually trying to fix the problems is much harder than
    > resending a one line patch every few months....

    Sent a few.
    I would like to ask you to ACK/NAK every individual patch
    in some reasonable period of time, say, 1-3 days. If you NAK a patch,
    please let me know what is wrong with it.

    I am not eager at all to experience a repeat of aic7xxx
    patch saga, when I was not getting any meaningful reply
    for months.

    Best regards, Denys.

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