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SubjectRe: x86: memtest bootparam

* Yinghai Lu <> wrote:

> > > OK. Did the new memtest feature get documented anywhere, btw?
> > > I'm only vaguely aware of its existence.
> >
> > Actually it would be nice if memtest was global, not x86-specific,
> > feature.
> >
> > I had some fun with arm running with 256mb, when only 128mb was
> > present. It booted succesfully...
> depends if you have find_e820_area_size in you platform. that need
> reserve_early...
> maybe we need to make reserve_early generic at first.

e820 is very x86 specific - i think the proper interface would be to
move the memtest feature to the bootmem subsystem. I.e. to run it once
all the early reservations have been flushed into bootmem - but before
we free all bootmem pages into the page allocator.

this still leaves a rather large amount of RAM to be tested, and keeps
it all cross-arch as well. Hm?


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