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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] OLPC: Add support for calling into Open Firmware
    Okay, stepping back a few steps, it's pretty clear that most of my 
    objections aren't really an issue for Geode/OLPC; however, I *really*
    don't want others to pick it up as being "the" Open Firmware interface.

    Within those constraints it makes sense to set up the PDEs in
    swapper_pg_dir and let them propagate using the normal mechanisms.

    ** This is assuming that your OF interface does not rely on a 1:1
    mapping of low memory being present at the time it makes a call. If it
    *does*, then a separate page directory needs to be maintained for the OF
    class. **

    Thus, I'm willing to accept this with these changes:

    - Please name things specific to the interface (as opposed to Open
    Firmware in general, like the device tree) olpc_ofw or olpcfw, to denote
    that this is an OLPC-specific interface. Thus,
    CONFIG_OLPC_OPEN_FIRMWARE or something along those lines.

    - Make it explicit in Kconfig that OLPC_OPEN_FIRMWARE conflicts with
    X86_PAE, 64BIT, or X86_PAT.

    - Change VMALLOC_END in include/asm-x86/pgtable_32.h so the kernel will
    know to avoid this virtual memory range.

    - Add a memory region to arch/x86/mm/dump_tabletables.c.


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