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    SubjectRe: x86: 4kstacks default
    Adrian Bunk wrote:

    > But the more users will get 4k stacks the more testing we have, and the
    > better both existing and new bugs get shaken out.
    > And if there were only 4k stacks in the vanilla kernel, and therefore
    > all people on i386 testing -rc kernels would get it, that would give a
    > better chance of finding stack regressions before they get into a
    > stable kernel.

    Heck, maybe you should make it 2k by default in all -rc kernels; that
    way when people run -final with the 4k it'll be 100% bulletproof, right?
    'cause all those piggy drivers that blow a 2k stack will finally have
    to get fixed? Or leave it at 2k and find a way to share pages for
    stacks, think how much memory you could save and how many java threads
    you could run!

    4K just happens to be the page size; other than that it's really just
    some random/magic number picked, and now dictated that if you (and
    everyting around you) doesn't fit, you're broken.

    That bugs me.


    (yes, I know there are advantages to only allocating a single page for a
    new thread, but from an "all callchains after that must fit in that
    space" perspective, it's just a randomly picked number)

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