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SubjectRe: GFP_ATOMIC page allocation failures.
On Wed, 02 Apr 2008 13:21:44 -0400 Jeff Garzik <> wrote:

> Andrew Morton wrote:
> > The appropriate thing to do here is to convert known-good drivers (such as
> > e1000[e]) to use __GFP_NOWARN.
> >
> > Unfortunately netdev_alloc_skb() went and assumed GFP_ATOMIC, but I guess
> > we can dive below the covers and use __netdev_alloc_skb():
> >
> >
> >
> > From: Andrew Morton <>
> >
> > We get rather a lot of reports of page allocation warnings coming out of
> > e1000. But this driver is know to handle them properly so let's suppress
> > them.
> Do you people hear what you're saying???
> I respectfully but strongly disagree with this.
> We do __not__ need a whitelist (__GFP_NOWARN) of drivers that handle
> allocation failures properly. That's a long list, a maintenance
> nightmare, and it is punishing good behavior.
> It has been true for over a decade that allocations should be checked
> for NULL, and GFP_ATOMIC allocations MUST be checked for NULL.
> Let's not crap all over good drivers, because a few bad apples don't
> have the proper checks.
> Or at the very least, this TOTALLY BOGUS spew from working drivers
> should not be foisted upon users. Every time a working driver complains
> about this -- as in the examples here -- the value of the warning
> decreases to noise.
> And the solution to noise is not _more noise_ (adding 'nowarn' to every
> damn driver in the kernel).

After you've read Nick's comments (which I pray you have not), and after
you've convinced us and yourself of their wrongness, you might like to
consider adding a __GFP_NOWARN to netdev_alloc_skb().

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