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SubjectRe: No IDE drivers loaded for Toshiba Satellite 320 CDS
On Wednesday 02 April 2008 15:24:26 Frans Pop wrote:
> Hi,
> We've received an installation report for Debian for an older system where
> no IDE driver gets loaded. The system does not have any IDE device listed
> in lspci. When ide-generic is modprobed manually, both the CD and hard disk
> work fine.
> Any suggestions on how such a system could be recognized?
> If we could do that, the installation system could take responsibility for
> loading ide-generic and making sure it is included in the initrd.
> Or even better, any chance to make the kernel/udev load ide-generic
> automatically for this system?
> See for details. I can get additional info
> from the owner of the system if needed.
> Cheers,
> Output of lspci -nn:
> 00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Toshiba America Info Systems CPU to PCI bridge
> [1179:0601] (rev a0)
> 00:04.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Chips and Technologies F65555
> HiQVPro [102c:00e5] (rev c6)
> 00:0b.0 USB Controller [0c03]: NEC Corporation USB [1033:0035] (rev 02)
> 00:11.0 Communication controller [0780]: Toshiba America Info Systems FIR
> Port [1179:0701] (rev 21)
> 00:13.0 CardBus bridge [0607]: Toshiba America Info Systems ToPIC97
> [1179:060f] (rev 20)
> 00:13.1 CardBus bridge [0607]: Toshiba America Info Systems ToPIC97
> [1179:060f] (rev 20)

Looks like the controller is not a separate PCI device. Toshiba provides Bus
Mastering driver for Windows 95:

So the controller probably can do DMA but it's not a standard IDE controller.
And looks like there's no driver in the kernel for it.

Ondrej Zary

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