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    SubjectRe: [v2.6.26] what's brewing in x86.git for v2.6.26
    On Thu, 17 Apr 2008 10:30:00 +0200 Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

    > * Andrew Morton <> wrote:
    > > On Wed, 16 Apr 2008 22:23:38 +0200 Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
    > > How much of this has not been in linux-next?
    > none.

    That's a relief. Please keep it this way - I plan on basing -mm on
    linux-next after 2.6.26-rc1 and that should prevent reoccurrences.

    > but we do much more testing than just getting code into other trees. We
    > cross-build 96 different configurations on other non-x86 architectures:
    > last night's run was: 96 out of 96 configs built successfully.
    > This covers: alpha, arm, mips, powerpc, sparc64, x86, m32r, powerpc,
    > xtensa, mips, sh, sparc, parisc, powerpc. We test the various branches
    > (amongst them for-akpm) and combination trees as well.
    > and the backbone of arch/x86 QA we do are the build, boot and stress
    > tests we do on x86: we ran and booted thousands of x86 randconfigs in
    > the past few days alone. x86/latest boots and works from the smallest
    > boxes up to a 64-way testbox. On the 64-way box i did a 1 week burn-in
    > stress-test last week as well, for any longer-term effects.

    That's nowhere as useful as it could be.

    By keeping all this code out of -mm you haven't solved any of the
    merge/integration problems which we had in 2.6.24-rcX. They're all still
    there. All you did was to push them out of the two-month
    integrate-and-test period and put them into the 2.6.25 merge window

    > > > - ftrace plugin for sysprof
    > >
    > > sysprof is crap.
    > you mean the original hack? Sure, that had a number of problems and we
    > are not offering that for a merge.


    > But have you seen the latest code we are offering for merge?

    No. Was it ever sent out for review?

    > Check out
    > sched-devel/latest and kernel/trace/trace_sysprof.c. Nicely generalized
    > on top of stacktrace.h, put into the ftrace framework, userspace has
    > been ported to that too. No more special sysprof-only API hack.

    Would prefer to not have to go fishing in git trees to find code to review.

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