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SubjectRe: RFC: Self-snapshotting in Linux
Nigel Cunningham wrote:
> Hi.
> On Wed, 2008-04-16 at 03:27 -0700, Alan Jenkins wrote:
>> I guess there is the hardware / drivers issue. I would like to claim
>> I've found hibernation to be reliable but unfortunately that's not
>> 100% true. As you say, that's inherent to snapshotting on
>> unvirtualised hardware - calling it snapshotting instead of
>> hibernation wouldn't change anything.
> On a particular set of hardware, it should be possible to make it 100%
> reliable. If you've found bugs, please report them. We can only fix
> issues if we know they exist.

I already replied to Pavels similar comment - I had posted on Bugzilla.
I guess it missed the right people because it started off in the wrong
category. (The first symptom I reported was my 2.13Ghz cpu running at
1Ghz after a sucessful hibernation cycle). At Rafaels request, I shall
be retesting with the latest 2.6.25-rc kernel on Saturday. I look
forward to getting it fixed - I know it should be possible because it's
a regression.


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