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    SubjectRe: RFC: Self-snapshotting in Linux
    Pavel Machek wrote:
    >> I guess there is the hardware / drivers issue. I would like to claim
    >> I've found hibernation to be reliable but unfortunately that's not
    >> 100% true.
    > So debug it, it is open source after all. Or at least file a bugs.
    I definitely want to debug it; I love hibernating. It's a regression
    and it'll affect my distro kernel once I upgrade to Ubuntu Hardy.

    <> "Backtraces during
    hibernate / resume".

    I posted the backtraces but nobody could tell me what they were - they
    don't actually say whether they're OOPs or BUGs etc. They might be
    softlockups - some times I got softlockup warnings, though thats not in
    the log I posted.

    The backtraces have been harder to reproduce across different versions /
    configs, but there's definitely an issue where it hangs every time after
    it successfully suspends. It then tends to lock up about a minute after

    I'm confused about some details (exactly which versions / configs
    produced which symptoms). I don't have the machine right now, but I'll
    get back to it some time soon. I think I managed to get a pair of
    broken and non-broken kernels to work on, and it seems to be a
    regression going from 2.6.22 to 2.6.23.

    Any help in clearing up my confusion would be appreciated. Is it worth
    trying to narrow down exactly where the hang happens between writing the
    hibernation image and shutting down? If so how? I suspect that's going
    to be easier than bisecting it.


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