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    SubjectRe: Reporting bugs and bisection
    On 16/04/2008, Sverre Rabbelier <> wrote:
    > Git is participating in Google Summer of Code this year and I've
    > proposed to write a 'git statistics' command. This command would allow
    > the user to gather data about a repository, ranging from "how active
    > is dev x" to "what did x work on in the last 3 weeks". It's main
    > feature however, would be an algorithm that ranks commits as being
    > either 'buggy', 'bugfix' or 'enhancement'.

    Interresting. Just be careful results are produced for the big picture
    and not used to point fingers at individuals.

    >(There are several clues
    > that can aid in determining this, a commit msg along the lines of
    > "fixes ..." being the most obvious.)

    One thing I thought of is that the more "Acked-by", "Reviewed-by" and
    "Signed-off-by" lines a patch has, the better reviewed we can probably
    assume it to be and thus the probability of it having introduced a bug
    probably drops slightly compared to other less-reviewed patches... or
    maybe not, but at least it's something to think about :-)

    Jesper Juhl <>
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