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SubjectRe: [RESEND][RFC] BFQ I/O Scheduler
> From: Jens Axboe <>
> Date: Tue, Apr 15, 2008 10:22:36AM +0200
> On Tue, Apr 01 2008, Fabio Checconi wrote:
> > We would greatly appreciate any sort of feedback from you, comments,
> > suggestions, corrections and so on. Thank you for your attention.
> Fabio, I've merged the scheduler for some testing. Overall the code
> looks great, you've done a good job!

thank you very much :)

> I didn't touch patches 2 and 3, but I rewrote #1 somewhat. See the
> result here:
> I'm sure you'll agree with the hlist_sched_*() functions. I also killed
> the ->bfq_ioprio_changed modification, what exactly was the purpose of
> that?

of course the hlist_sched_*() functions are much better than what was
in the patch (the idea behind the patch was to not touch at all cfq code).

the ->bfq_ioprio_changed was there to avoid that a process/ioc doing
i/o on multiple devices managed by cfq and bfq would see ioprio
changes only for one of the two schedulers.

cfq_ioc_set_ioprio() (and its bfq counterpart bfq_ioc_set_ioprio())
unconditionally assign 0 to (bfq_)ioprio_changed, so the first
scheduler that sees the ioprio change eats the new priority values.
of course I may be wrong, but I think it (or some better mechanism
to avoid the problem) is necessary.

> The code is now in the 'bfq' branch of the block git repo.

of course we'll be glad to help in testing in any way you can find useful.

thank you!

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