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SubjectRe: [bug] SLUB + mm/slab.c boot crash in -rc9
On Tue, 15 Apr 2008, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> Pretty please, could you pay more than cursory attention to this bug i
> already spent two full days on and which is blocking the v2.6.25
> release?

Yeah trying to get to understand how exactly sparsemem works and how the
32 bit highmem stuff interacts with it... Sorry not code that I am an
expert in nor the platform that I am familiar with. Code mods there
required heavy review from multiple parties with expertise in various

> I'm just guessing my way around, but right now my impression is that the
> current early memory setup code is unrobust, over-complex, occasionally
> butt-ugly to read code in high need of cleanups, simplifications and
> debug facilities, visibly plagued by hit-and-run changes with frequent
> typos and everything else you normally dont want to see in the core
> kernel. (Did i get your attention now? ;-)

I thought the NR_SECTIONS stuff would trigger some memories. Adding apw
who seemed to be most familiar with the material in the past
(AFAICT NODE_NOT_IN_PAGE_FLAGS is there for IBM NUMAQ etc) and Kame-san.

Andy, Kame-san could you have a look at the sparsemem config issue with
32 bit !PAE? This is SPARSEMEM_STATIC.

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