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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] x86: add cpus_scnprintf function v3
Mike wrote:
> Part of the change is readability, but also looking towards the future
> of 16k/64k/??? # of cpus, the straight mask approach will overflow the
> PAGE_SIZE buffer provided (though some pathological cases will overflow
> the range method as well.)

Bert wrote:
> Btw, I think you can now push for a deprecation of the 'old' mask
> attributes, with the justification you have given above. The other
> possibility is to change sysfs to provide bigger attribute buffers
> (CCed Greg for this).

Note what Mike said -- some pathological cases will overflow the range
(what I call "list") format as well.

Indeed, the worst case "list" format is worse than the worst case "mask"
format. Masks take a constant 9 chars per 32 bits, or 9/32 chars/bit.

Worst case lists involve every other CPU or node (all the even ones, or
all the odd ones.) For CPUs or Nodes that take five decimal digits
(10000 to 65535 -- some of these are u16 kernel types internall) this
amounts to 6 chars every 2 possible values, or 3 chars/bit, which is
quite a bit more than 9/32 chars/bit.

For example, the list of odd CPUs from 1 to 65535 takes 191053


This will overflow any ordinary page size. The corresponding mask
takes only 18432 characters:


Deprecating the mask in favor of the list on account of the
mask not fitting makes little sense to me, because worst case,
the list is even bigger ;).

Granted, the above examples consider the extreme case of
NR_CPUS == 65536 or some such. But, as Mike notes, NR_CPUS
of 16384 might be needed; and the above quandry still applies
in that case.

Hmmm ... there are even more pathological list cases. Take two
out of every three (drop those congruent to 0 mod 3):


This requires 254736 characters ;).

Even for less insane values, of say two out of three CPUs when
NR_CPUS == 4096, it takes 12912 characters:


Whereas the mask format for 4096 NR_CPUS takes just 1152 characters.

On a system with 4K page size, the above two out of three list would
not actually show as that 12912 character string. With the current
code, it would show as a 4094 character string, plus the trailing
newline and nul char, ending with (if I did my math right):


This is obviously not perfect from an ideal perspective.

However, I can't see that these pathological cases are enough of a
practical problem that we should actually spend code addressing them
at present.

On the other hand, and my main point of this message, I can't
see deprecating the mask format files on account of this sort
of analysis.

I won't rest till it's the best ...
Programmer, Linux Scalability
Paul Jackson <> 1.940.382.4214

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