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SubjectRe: 2.6.25-rc8: FTP transfer errors
On Thu, 10 Apr 2008, Mark Lord wrote:

> Ilpo Järvinen wrote:
> > I might help if would add netdev on cc list in case you really want to reac
> > net developers, otherwise they might just end up "ignoring it"... ;-)
> ..
> Oh.. I didn't know about that list. How does that differ from linux-net ?
> (Thanks)

(Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong) if I've understood it correctly,
linux-net is meant for users discussions while the developers hang at
netdev, some do read lkml but not all. And in fact, I wouldn't have
noticed this thread for some time except that I was currently trying to
see if there are some new tcp warn_on reports showing up.

...In case you have a regression, bug etc. related to networking, netdev
should definately be included.

> > > reducing the mountain of commits to a big handful or two.
> >
> > Those touching fin/close are mostly whitespace/move things, so I doubt that
> > you find these useful but in case you insist, here's the list:
> >
> > 056834d9f6f6eaf4cc7268569e53acab957aac27 [TCP]: cleanup tcp_{in,out}put.c
> > style
> > 058dc3342b71ffb3531c4f9df7c35f943f392b8d [TCP]: reduce tcp_output's
> > indentation levels a bit
> > 490d5046930276aae50dd16942649bfc626056f7 [TCP]: Uninline tcp_set_state
> >
> > In addition, there's this one (...though I have read it number of times
> > through and still cannot catch something that would cause the wrongness
> > you're seeing):
> >
> > e870a8efcddaaa3da7e180b6ae21239fb96aa2bb [TCP]: Perform setting of common
> > control fields in one place
> >
> > There's very little really on interesting side I can think of, mostly thinks
> > are congestion control related changes... ...maybe either one of these could
> > cause something unpleasant in some corner case:
> >
> > bd515c3e48ececd774eb3128e81b669dbbd32637 [TCP]: Fix TSO deferring
> > 0e3a4803aa06cd7bc2cfc1d04289df4f6027640a [TCP]: Force TSO splits to MSS
> > boundaries
> >
> > ...e.g., if the latter causes a return with zero limit under some
> > conditions, tso_fragment might generate, well, interesting packets and never
> > finish if the condition persists but.
> ..
> That matches my own assessment there, too: lot's of whitespace changes,
> and not much real code difference on most paths. Bummer. :)

...I just got tired of seeing all those braindamaged line splits and
other "legacy" formatting over and over again... :-) Much of those things
predate even 2.4, luckily there isn't yet an agency which would prevent
changing lines of code with that long historic encumbrance :-).

That last TSO change seem the most potential one from the list of
all net/ipv4/tcp*.c include/net/tcp.h touching commits, trying
0e3a4803aa06cd7bc2cfc1d04289df4f6027640a^ might be worthwhile
(^ = a commit before the "quoted one") and you would be able to reuse
its result anyway if there's a need to bisect it because that commit is
around the halfway.

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