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    SubjectRe: Lockdep problem

    2008/3/8, Peter Zijlstra <>:
    > On Sat, 2008-03-08 at 20:10 +0300, Dmitry wrote:
    > > Hi,
    > >
    > > I've ran into the lockdep problem: I'm hitting the condition at the
    > > lockdep.c:2437:
    > > return 0;
    > >
    > > What does it mean and how to overcome it? Dumbly increasing constants
    > > at kernel/lockdep_internals.h didn't help.
    > It means you have more lockdep classes (lock instantiation sites,
    > explicit class keys etc..) that we have static storage reserved for.
    > One way to quickly achieve this is load/unload modules. Zapping the
    > classes on module unload does not make the space available again.
    > Sadly most setups these days try to load every module under the sun,
    > wasting valuable boot time, and causing this head-ache.

    Unfortunately this happens before modules loading --- it's kernel itself.

    > Someone reported to me increasing MAX_LOCKDEP_KEYS_BITS to 15 (IIRC)
    > made his distro build work again. Of course, cycle reloading a module
    > will eventually run you out of space anyway.
    > > The warning is pretty fatal for me because it happens when I'm locking
    > > clocks lock, so when serial console output calls
    > > clk_enable/clk_disable the kernel deadlocks.
    > Not sure I fully understand what you mean here, but I've never seen this
    > result in anything but a warning, the kernel will just continue..
    > Or are you trying to debug a deadlock and can't because lockdep runs out
    > of classes before it gets to the offending code?

    Actually no and yes. IIUC, the call chain looks like this (it's with
    modified clk's functions, so
    it may be a bit hard to understand. If you wish, search for "clocklib"
    patches posted to LKML
    nearly a month ago).
    kernel -> clk_enable() takes global clock spinlock -> my function
    which calls another spin_lock which causes lockdep warning.
    If I disable global clocks spinlock locking, I get the lockdep
    warning. Otherwise, I see no output. This seems to be related to the
    fact that I have pxa serial console enabled which in turn also uses
    clk_enable/clk_disable to manage its serial port.

    > Something you can do is build a kernel without (or very few modules) - a
    > good idea anyway as turning off all that unused stuff will significantly
    > improve build times too :-)

    I have a plenty of modules configured to build, but as I hope this
    doesn't count, since they aren't loaded

    With best wishes

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