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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] adjust root-domain->online span in response to hotplugevent
    >>> On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at  3:41 AM, in message <>,
    Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

    > * Gregory Haskins <> wrote:
    >> Unfortunately, this patch will introduce its own set of bugs.
    >> However, your analysis was spot-on. I think I see the problem now.
    >> It was introduced when I put a hack in to "fix" s2ram problems in -mm
    >> as a result of the new root-domain logic. I think the following patch
    >> will fix both issues:
    >> (I verified that I could take a cpu offline/online, but I don't have
    >> an s2ram compatible machine handy. Andrew, I believe you could
    >> reproduce the s2ram problem a few months ago when that issue popped
    >> up. So if you could, please verify that s2ram also works with this
    >> patch applied, in addition to the hotplug problem.
    > thanks Gregory, i've queued up your fix. If it passes all tests over the
    > day i'll send it to Linus in about 12 hours.

    After thinking about it some more, I am not sure if I got this fix quite right. The first two hunks are technically fine and should ultimately go in. The last hunk is questionable.

    Ultimately, I believe the root cause of these reported issues is that cpu_online_map and rd->online can get out of sync. I fear that while the current patch may fix the hotplug/s2ram case, it potentially breaks the disjoint cpuset topology change case. I will run a few cpuset tests ASAP to confirm, though I may not have a chance until Monday.

    What I probably need is to tie the code that sets/clears cpu_online_map to the root-domain rd->online map somehow. However, a cursory cscope inspection has failed to reveal the location that this cpu_online_map manipulation occurs. If anyone knows where cpu_online_map is actually updated, please let me know. Otherwise, let me think about this some more and get back to you.

    In the meantime, cpu_and'ing "task->cpus_allowed & cpu_online_map & rd->online" in the place that Suresh identified should technically fix the hotplug issue without adding more bugs, at the expense of requiring two calls to cpu_and(). The expense should be more or less negligible on mainstream kernels, but may hurt our big-iron (e.g. SGI) brethren. Hopefully I will come up with a real fix shortly, before it becomes a real issue.


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