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    Subject[PATCH 0/10] ocfs2: Userspace cluster stack support
    These patches allow ocfs2 to use the distributed lock manager in fs/dlm
    in conjunction with a userspace cluster stack.

    This series builds on the stack-glue series sent previously. It
    provides a plug-in for userspace cluster stacks and fs/dlm. Userspace
    is responsible for communicating with the cluster stack and feeding
    events through the ocfs2_control misc device. ocfs2 is otherwise
    agnostic, using the DLM for all of its interaction.

    Using the new ocfs2_stack_user plug-in requires a development version of
    the ocfs2 tools. This version knows how to load the plug-in and
    provides a daemon to interact with the cman cluster stack.

    The second to last patch enables the plug-in in Kbuild. The last patch
    adds Kconfig options to select which ocfs2 cluster plug-ins get built.

    The kernel code is also available on the 'stack-user' branch of my git

    git pull git:// stack-user

    The tools code is also available via git, in the 'stack-user' branch
    as well.

    git pull git:// stack-user

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