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SubjectRe: RELEASE BLOCKER: Linux doesn't follow x86/x86-64 ABI wrt direction flag
Olivier Galibert wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 10:43:33PM +0100, Michael Matz wrote:
>> FWIW I don't think it's a release blocker for 4.3.0. The error is arcane
>> and happens seldomly if at all. And only on unfixed kernels. A program
>> needs to do std explicitely, which most don't do _and_ get hit by a signal
>> while begin in a std region. This happens so seldom that it didn't occur
>> in building the next openSuSE 11.0, and it continually builds packages
>> with 4.3 since months.
> How would you know whether it has happened?

The same way you do with other bugs: You would observe unexpected behavior.

In this case probably either corrupted memory or a SIGSEGV.

David Daney

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