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Subjecttext processing (Re: Google's Summer of Code?)
Andi Kleen @ Tue, 04 Mar 2008 21:38:46 +0100:
> Andrew Morton
>> There are surely many more things we could put there.
>> I receive a dribble of emails about the setrlimit64/getrlimit64 one, so
>> people are looking at it, and are looking to do work. (I haven't usefully
>> responded to those emails, btw - am not sure how my name got on that one -
>> probably Ulrich would be better).
> is also a candidate. There are still quite a lot of unconverted
> drivers over.

And you've saw first patch there...

I'd say, that i see similar things here (LKML, kernel), wrt shell usage
and text processing.

* checkpatch instead of hard-armed editors (*The* tools of programmers),
with one's (linux, glibc, bash, whatever) source-friendly capabilities
(error/coding-style highlight, easy call-graph, param checking, security
audit(+audit scripts), etc.)

* linux-2.6/scripts/unifdef.c instead of coding style + simple script
(reinventing of compilers is a dream of CS professors of all times :)

* much of te `make` based stuff

* text processing, which is source code processing, if we are in
Open Source, has no place in
+ design (super-macro constructs --> C code),
+ auditing (stupid vmsplice() case *and* first ``fix'')
+ testing (writing source in parallel with constructing userspace
test programs, based on same source; once all is done, script
generates/constructs kernel part)

* and perl is everywhere

On my `sed` scripts i was getting (from Sam):

"Because your shell script is unreadable by normal human beings[*]
while the perl script for people with a bit of perl fu can read it
and fix/modify it.

We want tools that can be maintained and enhanced by most people.

[*] Normal human beings are people with same level of shell
scripting/sed skills that I have just to put that straight."

"Linecount is down but so is maintainability / extendability."

So, no tools or perl is better than nothing?

I don't say, i will solve Andi's quest, i just lost interest. But it is
damn interesting one! One, that many script kiddies will do in minutes,
if they would knew `sed` and a bit of UNIX practice, but not perl, C,
diff, git, etc.

So, teach youngsters about "maintainability / extendability" and "Normal
human beings", or what? OTOH, Who are teachers?

Just two points to show skill mismatch, i.e. for

+ managing/manipulating source,
+ designing, writing, maintaining correct kernel code.

Latter isn't for n00bs, right?

* multi-line grep
Andi Kleen

* full and correct greping of linux style function definitions
Linus Torvalds

All in one shot:

# print linux-style function definitions

sed -n '
s=)$=&= ; t_end ; b_start;
p}' kernel/*c | pager


One may not know `sed` at all (but i glad to explain and share
everything, i know), *patterns* and expressions are key things.

Once you have approved and try-and-buy tested one, everything else is
pure technical thing. Maybe somebody outstanding (like Rusty) can do that
with CPP, i don't know; `sed` is just more familiar thing for this.

Silence in reply i will understand quite right, i might be wrong. I just
can't see all that stuff not having much skilled people
#oo'L O
<___=E M

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