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SubjectRe: [PATCH] evdev: Release eventual input device grabs when getting disconnected

On Sun, 30 Mar 2008, Bj?rn Steinbrink wrote:
> I can't reproduce the bug on my UP box and currently can't afford
> crashing my SMP box (all the oopses seem to come from SMP kernels, so I
> guess it needs SMP to crash), so while this doesn't show any new
> problems, I can't tell whether it actually fixes anything. Testers
> welcome!

Ok, I applied this because I will do an -rc8 today or tomorrow, but I
really really hope somebody can figure out what made this all start to
trigger. It does smell like some core device layer change, because we do
not seem to have a lot of changes since 2.6.24 in evdev.c and input.c that
seem relevant.

Greg, are there any refcounting changes that would cause the input devices
to be free'd earlier or something?


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