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    SubjectRe: 64-bit AMD panic
    On 03/03/2008, linux-os (Dick Johnson) <> wrote:
    > That's the problem trying to support devices in production.
    > The last kernel I was able to locate for the x86_64 project
    > is linux-2.6.23. Its dates are from late last year so maybe
    > it will work!
    > It is now being compiled one one of the target machines.
    > If this works, I'll have to find the differences between
    > the old and the newer and patch the linux-2.6.11 because
    > it is a "certified" kernel, i.e., selected by the FAA and
    > determined to be politically correct!

    So, you take a "certified" kernel, then you patch it, which leaves you
    with what? Certainly not a certified kernel. You might as well go with
    the latest sources then...


    Jesper Juhl <>
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