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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/52] First attempt at smp integration

* Glauber Costa <> wrote:

> Hi,
> This series of patches does a first attempt at smp integration (I call
> it first, although I don't believe it's too far away from a real one).
> The series comprises 52 patches, and the full diffstat says in the
> end:
> 34 files changed, 1858 insertions(+), 2344 deletions(-)
> smp_32.c and smp_64.c are completely gone. smp.h and smpboot_{32,64}.c
> are not, although substantially reduced. I know that ideally, no
> leftovers are wanted, but the series were already big enough (I tried
> to split the patches as much as I could), so I considered this a good
> cutting point. If this is all agreed upon and merged, I'll start
> looking at the other bits that are left.
> All patches are tested is various random x86 subarchitectures, and all
> of them works. The result also boots fine in mine x86_64 and i386
> boxes.

wow, really nice work and the result looks awesome! I'll put this into
x86.git and see how it goes.


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