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    SubjectRe: Oops/Warning report for the week of March 28th 2008

    > Ahh. So it's easily repeatable for you.. Do you think you could bisect it?
    > At least a few runs? Even a partial bisection will give a nice (== much
    > smaller) range of commits to be blamed, and might tell us why it started
    > happening..

    Unfortunately, it takes forever on this machine to compile a kernel
    after any bigger changes. I can do it early next week when I have access
    to my bigger box again.

    On the other hand, it should be easily reproducible by anyone else with
    the same trick, here's what I do:

    * configure X to use /dev/input/event* devices
    * in an xterm, do something like
    rmmod usbhid ; modprobe usbhid
    * switch to a VT
    * watch kernel crash as X releases the grab on the event device

    Mind you, I actually did this with the appletouch driver, but I don't
    think it makes a difference since the problematic thing is the code that
    X grabs the device. A trivial program that executes the grab ioctl would
    probably suffice if you leave it running over a rmmod/modprobe cycle.

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