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    SubjectRe: Serious performance regression in Wine applications and Linux 2.6.24.*

    * Kai <> wrote:

    > The issue only shows with Age of Wonders II and AoW Shadow Magic.
    > Every version of wine from 0.9.55 to 0.9.58, including several
    > intermediate git builds.
    > Xorg version, and a couple other versions (the problems has
    > persisted across a couple updates of Xorg)
    > Hardware rendering; using the prop. nV driver; updating that also
    > doesn't affect the issue, nor does retaining the same version.

    could you run this script while such a slowdown is really prominent:

    and send me the output it generates? The output is the most useful if
    you do this on a kernel that has CONFIG_SCHED_DEBUG=y and
    CONFIG_SCHEDSTATS=y enabled.

    on the off chance that this issue has been fixed in the soon-to-be
    2.6.25 kernel, you might also want to try x86.git/latest, which is based
    on the latest Linus tree and has all relevant x86 fixes and improvements
    added as well:

    several of the changes can affect performance.

    a third (and most comprehensive) way to debug this would be to send me a
    scheduler trace of such a slowdown, you can generate a scheduler trace
    the following way:

    but we can probably give a first estimation based on the cfs-debug-info
    output already. Btw., you can combine the scheduler and the x86 git tree
    into a temporary unified tree by doing these two commands:

    git-checkout -b tmp x86/latest
    git-merge sched-devel/latest

    (run "make oldconfig" to pick up the new config options.)


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