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Subject[patch 00/37] PNP resource_table cleanups
This series of patches does some PNP housecleaning and

PNP currently uses a fixed-size table (pnp_resource_table)
to track the IO, MMIO, IRQ, and DMA resources used by a
device. Some motherboard devices have many resources, so
we've been plagued by table overflows and we've had to
drastically increase the table size, which wastes a lot
of memory.

The end goal is to replace that fixed-size table with something
more dynamic. These patches don't go that far, but they do make
pnp_resource_table private to the PNP core and centralize all
references to it in a small set of shared functions.

In addition, this series contains a number of related
cleanups, like centralized allocation of struct pnp_dev,
conversion to dev_printk when possible, removing many
PNP core internal functions from the public interface,
and alignment of the ISAPNP, PNPBIOS, and PNPACPI backends.


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