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SubjectRe: What to do about the 2TB limit on HDIO_GETGEO ?
> How does this have anything to do with boot times?  Do you really have a
> foolish shell script that iteratorates over every single disk in the
> sysfs tree for every disk? What does it do that for?

Any time you want to get the sysfs information for a filesystem which is
already mounted, that's what you're forced to do.

> I thought we were talking about 2TB disks here, with a proposed new
> ioctl, not foolishness of boot scripts...

I pointed out that having a way to map device numbers to sysfs
directories would have the same effect, *and* would be usable for other
purposes. I'd rather see that than a new ioctl, and another, and another...

ioctl()s are also nasty since they're generally root-only (or rather,
device-owner only). Since the information is already in sysfs, there is
no benefit to this hiding. Otherwise one could consider a ioctl() "give
me the sysfs name of this device."


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