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SubjectRe: What to do about the 2TB limit on HDIO_GETGEO ?
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Mar 2008, Mark Lord wrote:
>> The return value uses "unsigned long",
>> which on a 32-bit system limits drive offsets to 2TB.
> One relevant question is: does anybody seriously care about the
> combination of "32 bit" and "huge modern drives" any more?
> Sure, we can add a 64-bit version that ends up being used only on 32-bit
> systems, but quite frankly, I think the solution here is to just ignore
> the issue and see if anybody really even cares.
> Because quite frankly, the kind of people who buy modern 2TB drives
> generally don't then couple them to CPU's that are five+ years old.

Yeah. Except Dell will undoubtedly have them in desktops
within 2 years, and tons of people (myself included) still use
32-bit (K)Ubuntu on our systems, simply for the better binary
compatibility that it is perceived to give with things like
browser plugins and stuff.

Using sysfs interfaces might be a good alternative,
if they were easier to use, but drives are not directly
accessible there using the dev_t value from stat(2).

Instead, software has to search everything inside /sys/block/
looking for a "dev" file whose contents match,
rather than just trying to access something like this:


Or any one of a number of similar ways to arrange it.


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