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    SubjectRe: [00/14] Virtual Compound Page Support V3
    On Sat, 22 Mar 2008, Arjan van de Ven wrote:

    > can you document the drawback of large, frequent vmalloc() allocations at least?

    Ok. Lets add some documentation about this issue and some other
    things. A similar suggestion was made by Kosaki-san.

    > On 32 bit x86, the effective vmalloc space is 64Mb or so (after various PCI bars are ioremaped),
    > so if this type of allocation is used for a "scales with nr of ABC" where "ABC" is workload dependent,
    > there's a rather abrupt upper limit to this.
    > Not saying that that is a flaw of your patch, just pointing out that we should discourage usage of
    > the "scales with nr of ABC" (for example "one for each thread") kind of things.

    I better take out any patches that do large scale allocs then.

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