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SubjectRe: [patch 4/4] Markers Support for Proprierary Modules

Ingo Molnar <> writes:

>> There seems to be good arguments for markers to support proprierary
>> modules. So I am throwing this one-liner in and let's see how people
>> react. [...]
> ugh, this is unbelievably stupid move technically - so a very strong
> NACK. Allowing marker use in unfixable modules (today it's placing
> markers into unfixable modules,

As the thread suggested, this can benefit us more than it benefits
them, because it may let us see more into the blobs.

> tomorrow it's marker use by such modules) has only one clear and
> predictable effect: it turns marker calls into essential ABIs [...]

The marker_probe_*register calls are already EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL'd, so
that covers your "tomorrow" case. NACK that all you like when/if
someone proposes changing that.

> [if the proprietary modules attach to kernel markers ...] then all
> the pressure is on those who _can_ fix their code - meaning the
> kernel subsystem maintainers that use [you mean: define] markers.

(In a way, it would be a nice problem to have. At this moment, there
are still no markers actually committed within -mm nor -linus.)

- FChE

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