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SubjectRe: 2.6.25-rc2-mm1: WARNING at arch/x86/mm/ioremap.c:129
Fabio Checconi wrote:
> [cc'd relevant maintainers]
> Hi,
>> From: Arjan van de Ven <>
>> Date: Mon, Feb 25, 2008 02:44:53PM -0800
>> Gabriel C wrote:
> ...
>>> With your patch from
>>> I don't have a
>>> warning anymore.
>> that is ... odd since it's the same in theory, just with some added
>> printk's ;-(
> the same here on 2.6.25-rc3, with the innocent ibmphp_access_ebda()
> that fires the WARN_ON() in __ioremap() asking for the pfn 0, even
> after the page_is_ram() change. With your patch the warning
> disappears.
> I think this is because the pfn checked by the original code (before
> your patch) is the one after the last iteration, while your patch
> checks for each pfn that is going to be mapped. The latter should
> be the intended behavior. If I've understood the problem, the
> (trivial) patch below should fix it.
> Also, note that if last_addr is at the beginning of a page we can
> __ioremap() normal RAM (in fact we only emit the warning with the
> old code, instead of returning NULL.) Is that possible/intended
> behavior? If not the loop should do one more iteration.
> __ioremap() emits a warning if the pfn after the last one it's going
> to map is of normal ram. Correct this and emit the warning (once)
> only if one of the asked pages is.

looks good to me; Ingo please apply
(Note: if no legit users show up I want to just remove support for mapping ram altogether
in 2.6.26 or so)

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