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SubjectRe: strange behavior on multimedia eject button for cdrom
Hi Mike,

Mike Keehan wrote:
> Hi Harold.
> Somewhere on the web I read that some of the M1330 media keys are
> directly connected to the drive, hence the lack of keycodes.
> If you eject a disk while it is being played, then the Linux driver will
> get a read failure. What happens then may not be well defined :)

Maybe there is some misunderstanding here: I am not playing music
from the CD. It is idle. But if I press the CD eject button, then
audio output (e.g. some mp3 file played from harddisk) gets
corrupted, the network connection is dead, etc.

Ejecting the CD takes about 7 seconds. Durig this time Linux is
dead! I haven't checked any SCHED_FIFO or SCHED_RR applications,
but AFAIK this shouldn't happen.

If I run "eject cdrom" on the console instead, then there is no
such problem.



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