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SubjectRe: [Regression: 2.6.25-rc5: Blank Screen: Intel 945]
Jesse Barnes wrote:
>> I've put in a sync request for this to get updated for hardy. (It still
>> will only be in universe, so won't be built automatically with -intel,
>> but at least users will be able to more easily compile it by hand.)
>> Meanwhile, here is a Ubuntu Hardy build of Debian's package:
> Thanks a lot Bryce, hopefully this will help Justin build the register dumper
> so we can track down his problem...
> Jesse
Thanks for all your help so far! Well I tried to install the deb files
that Bryce created, unfortunately they're dependent on a newer version
of libc6. I think (_hope_) this is the one in Hardy _because_ that's
what I'm doing right now; I've decided to upgrade to Hardy. (so sad
because I have to download _1.5GB_)

Jesse, do you still think it's a bug in the X server driver instead of
the kernel driver (dri I guess)? Because I can trigger the blank screen
before the X server even starts. If I press ctr+alt+f1 at the _right_
time when the kernel is booting (or I guess when the boot splash is
showing) it will instantly blank out. That doesn't seem like something
related to X.

Anyways maybe it's multiple things, and by upgrading to Hardy it might
fix it (which would prove that it's not a kernel bug, but some software
version dependency bug - which would still be good to know).


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