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SubjectRe: dst cache overflow
Hi all,

just a reminder, the server is now running 2.6.24 and the leak is
still there. I noticed there is a slab leak debug option and turned
it on, results should be visible in a few days I guess.

Offenders: Slabs TCPv6, size_2048 and size_512 grow over time.

I also noticed that the machine stops responding to pings after some
time, which seems to coincide with a slight increase in leak speed.

Interstingly IPv4 pings give out first, IPv6 pings continue to work a bit
longer, but eventually fail too. (Because sixxs starts sending 'your
tunnel is down!' mails I actually wrote a userspace pingd as a

/proc/net/snmp seems to indicate the kernel thinks it is still
sending ping replies.


Tobias PGP:

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