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    SubjectLinux 2.6.25-rc6

    Ok, I lost a day-and-a-half this week due to a disk that decided to get
    read errors due to an unfortunate power outage, and had to spend too much
    time regenerating my normal setup, but I don't think I lost any emails,
    and things seemed to have calmed down a bit, so here's to hoping that -rc6
    is starting to look better.

    The dirstat shows the usual pattern of most changes being in drivers and
    architecture updates, although this time it's a bit skewed by the parisc
    and powerpc updates (hopefully closing the parisc compile regression among
    other things), which means that arch is about half, and drivers are just
    under a third of the patch (it seems to be usually the other way around).

    Documentation updates bring most of the rest:

    5.4% Documentation/laptops/
    2.7% Documentation/power/
    17.0% Documentation/
    3.8% arch/arm/
    9.1% arch/mips/
    8.1% arch/parisc/configs/
    16.8% arch/parisc/
    13.7% arch/powerpc/configs/
    15.6% arch/powerpc/
    46.4% arch/
    2.3% drivers/ata/
    8.7% drivers/memstick/host/
    9.5% drivers/memstick/
    4.2% drivers/video/
    27.4% drivers/
    2.2% fs/
    2.3% include/

    but the above is hiding the fact that there's a lot of small updates all
    over that just aren't big enough to show up in the percentage counts, but
    hopefully help drive down the regression list. More still pending, though.

    Shortlog appended, patches and git trees in all the usual places once they
    have mirrored out.


    Adam Baker (1):
    rt2x00: never disable multicast because it disables broadcast too

    Adam Litke (1):
    hugetlb: correct page count for surplus huge pages

    Adrian Bunk (8):
    sony-laptop.c: fix off-by-one
    fix drivers/net/atarilance.c compilation
    FIXED_PHY must depend on PHYLIB=y
    make s2io.c:init_tti() static
    [WATCHDOG] make watchdog/hpwdt.c:asminline_call() static
    i2c-amd756: Fix off-by-one
    [PARISC] move defconfig to arch/parisc/configs/

    Ahmed S. Darwish (1):
    smackfs: do not trust `count' in inodes write()s

    Alan Cox (1):
    riscom8: Fix hang on load

    Alex Dubov (11):
    memstick: introduce correct definitions in the header
    memstick: add memstick_suspend/resume_host methods
    memstick: make sure number of command retries is exactly as specified
    memstick: drop DRIVER_VERSION numbers as meaningless
    tifm: fix the MemoryStick host fifo handling code
    tifm: fix memorystick host initialization code
    tifm: clear interrupt mask bits before setting them on adapter init
    memstick: add support for decoding "specfile" media attributes
    memstick: fix parsing of "assembly_date" attribute field
    memstick: try harder to recover from unsuccessful interface mode switch
    memstick: add support for JMicron jmb38x MemoryStick host controller

    Alexey Dobriyan (2):
    [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: add \n to "expectation table full" message
    modules: warn about suspicious return values from module's ->init() hook

    Alexey Starikovskiy (1):
    ACPI: EC: Handle IRQ storm on Acer laptops

    Andrew Morton (5):
    fs/ocfs2/dlm/dlmdomain.c: fix printk warning
    USB: drivers/usb/storage/sddr55.c: fix uninitialized var warnings
    net: fix build with CONFIG_NET=n

    Andrew Paprocki (1):
    [WATCHDOG] it8712f_wdt support for 16-bit timeout values, WDIOC_GETSTATUS

    Andrey Borzenkov (1):
    ACPI: button: make real parent for input devices in device tree

    Andy Fleming (1):
    [POWERPC] 83xx: Make 83xx perfmon support selectable

    Arnaud Patard (1):
    gpio/pca953x bugfix: mark as can_sleep

    Arne Redlich (2):
    IB/iser: Fix list iteration bug
    IB/iser: Handle iser_device allocation error gracefully

    Arthur Jones (1):
    MAINTAINERS: update ipath owner

    Atsushi Nemoto (1):
    [MIPS] Fix plat_ioremap for JMR3927

    Auke Kok (2):
    e100: Do suspend/shutdown like e1000
    Intel ethernet adapter: Update MAINTAINERS

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt (3):
    [POWERPC] Fix bogus test for unassigned PCI resources
    [POWERPC] Fix sleep on some powerbooks
    [POWERPC] Fix viodasd driver with scatterlist debug

    Bjorn Helgaas (3):
    ACPI: add _PRT quirks to work around broken firmware
    PNP: revert Supermicro H8DCE motherboard quirk
    PNP: disable PNP motherboard resources that overlap PCI BARs

    Bryan Wu (1):
    BF54x LQ043 Framebuffer driver: fix bug lcd_device_register API breakage

    Carlos Corbacho (6):
    acer-wmi: Rename mail LED correctly & remove hardcoded colour
    acer-wmi: Don't warn if mail LED cannot be detected
    ACPI: WMI: Clean up handling of spec violating data blocks
    acer-wmi: Make device detection error messages more descriptive
    acer-wmi: Fix DSDT path in documentation
    acer-wmi: Add DMI quirk for mail LED support on Acer Aspire 3610/ 5610

    Chidambar 'ilLogict' Zinnoury (1):
    [SCTP]: Fix local_addr deletions during list traversals.

    Chris Dearman (1):
    [MIPS] Added missing cases for rdhwr emulation

    Dan Williams (1):
    async_tx: checkpatch says s/__FUNCTION__/__func__/g

    Dave Young (1):
    bluetooth: hci_core: defer hci_unregister_sysfs()

    David Brownell (10):
    ACPI: acpi_pci_set_power_state() cleanups
    ARM: OMAP: fix false lockdep warnings
    ARM: OMAP: fix omap i2c init (regression)
    ARM: OMAP1: omap h3 regression and build fix
    ARM: OMAP1: omap h2 regression fix
    ARM: OMAP1: omap1/pm.c build fix
    ARM: OMAP: gpio lockdep updates
    net/enc28j60: oops fix
    [ARM] 4848/1: at91: remove false lockdep warnings
    USB: fix ehci unlink regressions

    David Howells (1):
    RxRPC: fix rxrpc_recvmsg()'s returning of msg_name

    David Woodhouse (1):
    Remove <linux/genhd.h> from user-visible headers.

    Dirk DeSchepper (1):
    USB: option: add novatel device ids

    Dmitry Shapin (1):
    USB: cypress_m8: add UPS Powercom (0d9f:0002)

    Emil Tantilov (1):
    ixgbe: fix typo in speed mesage

    Eric Leblond (2):
    [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_queue: fix computation of allocated size for netlink skb.
    [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_log: fix computation of netlink skb size

    Eugene Teo (1):
    lguest: make sure cpu is initialized before accessing it

    FUJITA Tomonori (2):
    alpha: use iommu_is_span_boundary helper function
    [PARISC] make ptr_to_pide() static

    Florian Fainelli (2):
    [WATCHDOG] Remove volatiles from watchdog device structures
    [libata] Add support for the RB500 PATA CompactFlash

    Frank Seidel (1):
    nozomi: fix initialization and early flow control access

    Glauber Costa (1):
    ACPI: use ACPI_DEBUG_PRINT instead of printk in acpi_processor_hotplug_notify()

    Grant Likely (1):
    [POWERPC] Fix zImage-dtb.initrd build error

    Greg Kroah-Hartman (2):
    sysdev: fix problem with sysdev_class being re-registered
    PCI: fix issue with busses registering multiple times in sysfs

    Greg Ungerer (2):
    [ARM] 4849/1: move ATAGS asm definitions
    [ARM] 4850/1: include generic pgtable.h for !CONFIG_MMU case

    Gregory Haskins (2):
    Revert "cpu hotplug: adjust root-domain->online span in response to hotplug event"
    keep rd->online and cpu_online_map in sync

    Guennadi Liakhovetski (1):
    [ARM] 4845/1: Orion: Ignore memory tags with invalid data

    Gui Jianfeng (1):
    SCTP: Fix chunk parameter processing bug

    Guido Guenther (1):
    [POWERPC] Fix build of modular drivers/macintosh/apm_emu.c

    Hans Verkuil (1):
    i2c: Keep client->driver and client->dev.driver in sync

    Harvey Harrison (9):
    net: replace __inline with inline
    irda: replace __inline with inline
    isdn: replace __inline with inline
    atm: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
    [WATCHDOG] replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
    [ARM] replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
    ata: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
    ACPI: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
    iop-adma.c: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences

    Helge Deller (2):
    stifb: fix crash A1439A CRX (Rattler) graphics card
    [PARISC] head.S: section mismatch fixes

    Hiroshi DOYU (1):
    ARM: OMAP: Fix sleep under spinlock for cpufreq

    Hiroshi Shimamoto (1):
    sched: fix race in schedule()

    Holger Macht (1):
    ACPI: Do not pass NULL to acpi_get_handle() when looking for _EJD

    Ilpo Järvinen (1):
    [TCP]: Prevent sending past receiver window with TSO (at last skb)

    Ingo Molnar (6):
    fix BIOS PCI config cycle buglet causing ACPI boot regression
    x86: ioremap, remove WARN_ON()
    sched: fix update_load_add()/sub()
    sched: fix calc_delta_mine()
    sched: fix fair sleepers
    sched: simplify sched_slice()

    Ionut Nicu (1):
    [POWERPC] QE: Make qe_get_firmware_info reentrant

    Ivo van Doorn (1):
    rt2x00: Add new D-Link USB ID

    J. Bruce Fields (1):
    nfsd: fix oops on access from high-numbered ports

    James Bottomley (3):
    firmware: provide stubs for the FW_LOADER=n case
    drivers: fix dma_get_required_mask
    [PARISC] add pa8900 CPUs to hardware inventory

    James Chapman (2):
    [PPPOL2TP]: Make locking calls softirq-safe
    [PPPOL2TP]: Fix SMP issues in skb reorder queue handling

    Jan Beulich (1):
    avoid endless loops in lib/swiotlb.c

    Jan Engelhardt (2):
    [OCFS2]: constify function pointer tables
    [NETFILTER]: xt_time: fix failure to match on Sundays

    Jan Nikitenko (2):
    au1550_spi: fix prototype of irq handler
    spi_bitbang: short transfer status fix

    Jarkko Nikula (1):
    ARM: OMAP: Pass logical DMA channel number always to callback handlers

    Jarod Wilson (2):
    firewire: fw-sbp2: set single-phase retry_limit
    firewire: fw-ohci: use dma_alloc_coherent for ar_buffer

    Jean Delvare (2):
    ACPI: Fix a duplicate log level
    i2c: chips subdirectory is deprecated

    Jeremy Kerr (2):
    [POWERPC] spufs: don't (ab)use SCHED_IDLE
    [POWERPC] spufs: fix rescheduling of non-runnable contexts

    Jeremy McNicoll (1):
    [POWERPC] 85xx: sbc8548 - Fix incorrect PCI-X and PCI interrupt map

    Jesper Juhl (1):
    PCI Hotplug: Fix small mem leak in IBM Hot Plug Controller Driver

    Jim Meyering (1):
    USB: usbaudio: handle kcalloc failure

    Jiri Kosina (1):
    acer-wmi: build depends on i8042

    Jiri Slaby (2):
    char: riscom, fix rc_board indexing
    block: floppy: fix rmmod lockup

    Joe Perches (1):
    [ARM] include/asm-arm - use angle brackets for includes

    Joel Becker (1):
    ocfs2: Fix endian bug in o2dlm protocol negotiation.

    Joel Soete (1):
    [PARISC] pdc_stable: fix compile errors

    Johann Felix Soden (1):
    ACPI: buffer array too short in drivers/acpi/system.c

    John W. Linville (1):
    drivers/net/Kconfig: fix whitespace for GELIC_WIRELESS entry

    Jon Mason (2):
    RDMA/cxgb3: Return correct max_inline_data when creating a QP
    RDMA/cxgb3: Fix iwch_create_cq() off-by-one error

    Jon Schindler (4):
    drivers/net/appletalk/ltpc.c: replace init_module&cleanup_module with module_init&module_exit
    drivers/net/arcnet/capmode.c: replace init_module&cleanup_module with module_init&module_exit
    drivers/net/apne.c: replace init_module&cleanup_module with module_init&module_exit
    drivers/net/ac3200.c: replace init_module&cleanup_module with module_init&module_exit

    Josh Boyer (1):
    of_serial: fix section mismatch warnings

    Kirill A. Shutemov (1):
    [NET]: include <linux/types.h> into linux/ethtool.h for __u* typedef

    Komuro (1):
    axnet_cs: change debugging level for "Too much work at interrupt" message.

    Krzysztof Helt (3):
    tridentfb: register should be left in non-locked state
    tridentfb: fix memory size detection
    mbxfb: fix incorrect argument type

    Kyle McMartin (11):
    [PARISC] remove old timerfd syscall
    [PARISC] wire up timerfd syscalls
    [PARISC] move VMALLOC_* definitions to fixmap.h
    [PARISC] unbreak pgalloc.h
    [PARISC] bump __NR_syscalls
    [PARISC] remove unused pdc_iodc_printf function
    [PARISC] dump_stack in show_regs
    [PARISC] pdc_console: fix bizarre panic on boot
    [PARISC] clean up show_stack
    [PARISC] futex: special case cmpxchg NULL in kernel space
    [PARISC] add back Crestone Peak cpu

    Kyungmin Park (2):
    ARM: OMAP: Remove compiler warning when i2c is not set
    ARM: OMAP2: Register the L4 io bus to boot OMAP2

    Lee Schermerhorn (1):
    mempolicy: fix reference counting bugs

    Len Brown (6):
    Revert "ACPI: EC: Use proper handle for boot EC"
    Merge branches 'release', 'bugzilla-8570', 'bugzilla-9966', 'bugzilla-9998', 'bugzilla-10100', 'bugzilla-10132', 'bugzilla-10138' and 'bugzilla-10206' into release
    Merge branches 'release' and 'thermal' into release
    Merge branches 'release', 'button-sysfs', 'misc', 'mismatch', 'randconfig' and 'toshiba' into release
    Merge branches 'release', 'ejd', 'sony' and 'wmi' into release
    Merge branches 'release' and 'doc' into release

    Lennert Buytenhek (2):
    [ARM] 4855/1: Orion: use correct ethernet unit address range
    [ARM] 4856/1: Orion: initialise the sixth PCIe MBUS mapping window as well

    Li Yang (3):
    [POWERPC] 83xx: Fix wrong USB phy type in mpc837xmds dts
    [POWERPC] 83xx: Add local bus device nodes to MPC837xMDS device trees.
    USB: fsl_usb2_udc: fix broken Kconfig

    Lin Ming (1):
    ACPI: fix boot oops regression in thermal

    Linus Torvalds (24):
    Merge git://
    Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://
    Merge git://
    Merge git://
    Merge git://
    Merge git://
    Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://
    Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
    Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
    Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
    Merge branch 'upstream' of git://
    Merge branch 'i2c-for-linus' of git://
    Merge git://
    Merge branch 'merge' of git://
    Merge branch 'release' of git://
    Merge git://
    Merge branch 'fixes' of git://
    Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
    Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
    Merge git://
    Merge branch 'master' of git://
    Linux 2.6.25-rc6

    Marc Dionne (1):
    struct export_operations: adjust comments to match current members

    Marcelo Tosatti (1):
    pagemap: proper read error handling

    Martin Michlmayr (1):
    mv643xx_eth: Define module alias for platform device

    Masatake YAMATO (1):
    Typo in Documentation/scheduler/sched-stats.txt

    Michael Ellerman (1):
    [POWERPC] Fix large hash table allocation on Cell blades

    Michael Hennerich (3):
    BF54x LQ043 Framebuffer driver: fix bug NULL for gpio_request label is not allowed
    BF54x LQ043 Framebuffer driver: Update copyright on previously modified files
    fbdev: add BF52x EZkit Display driver

    Mirko Bordignon (1):
    USB: new ftdi_sio device id

    Neil Horman (1):
    [SCTP]: Bring MAX_BURST socket option into ietf API extension compliance

    NeilBrown (2):
    md: fix formatting error in /proc/mdstat
    md: reduce CPU wastage on idle md array with a write-intent bitmap

    Nick Piggin (1):
    iov_iter_advance() fix

    Nicolas Ferre (1):
    [ARM] AT91: correct at91sam9263ek LCD power gpio pin

    Nicolas Pitre (1):
    [ARM] 4847/1: kprobes: fix compilation with CONFIG_DEBUG_FS=y

    Ondrej Zary (1):
    de2104x: remove BUG_ON() when changing media type

    Or Gerlitz (1):
    IPoIB: Don't drop multicast sends when they can be queued

    Patrick Marchand Latifi (4):
    IB/ipath: Fix potentially wrong RNR retry counter returned in ipath_query_qp()
    IB/ipath: Fix RC QP initialization
    IB/ipath: Fix error completion put on send CQ instead of recv CQ
    IB/ipath: Reset the retry counter for RDMA_READ_RESPONSE_MIDDLE packets

    Patrick McHardy (4):
    [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink: fix ifdef in nfnetlink_compat.h
    [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_log: fix EPERM when binding/unbinding and instance 0 exists
    [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_queue: fix EPERM when binding/unbinding and instance 0 exists
    [NETFILTER]: nf_queue: don't return error when unregistering a non-existant handler

    Paul Bolle (1):
    lguest: Do not append space to guests kernel command line

    Paul E. McKenney (1):
    rcu: move PREEMPT_RCU config option back under PREEMPT

    Paul Mackerras (2):
    Merge branch 'master' of git:// into merge
    [POWERPC] Add __ucmpdi2 for 64-bit comparisons in 32-bit kernels

    Paul Mundt (1):
    nommu: Provide is_vmalloc_addr() stub.

    Pavel Emelyanov (1):
    [NET]: Make /proc/net a symlink on /proc/self/net (v3)

    Pekka Enberg (1):
    [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: replace horrible hack with ksize()

    Pete Wyckoff (2):
    Revert "IB/fmr_pool: ib_fmr_pool_flush() should flush all dirty FMRs"
    IB/fmr_pool: Flush all dirty FMRs from ib_fmr_pool_flush()

    Pete Zaitcev (1):
    USB: fix usb-serial generic recursive lock

    Peter Zijlstra (2):
    sched: min_vruntime fix
    sched: fix overload performance: buddy wakeups

    Rafael J. Wysocki (1):
    Hibernation: Fix mark_nosave_pages()

    Ralf Baechle (8):
    [MIPS] Allow 48Hz to be selected if CONFIG_SYS_SUPPORTS_ARBIT_HZ is set.
    [MIPS] Export __ucmpdi2 to modules.
    [MIPS] IP27: Tighten up CPU description to fix warnings.
    [MIPS] Fix loads of section missmatches
    [MIPS] Fix yosemite build error
    [MIPS] Yosemite: Fix a few more section reference bugs.
    [MIPS] Delete leftovers of old pcspeaker support.
    [MIPS] Clocksource: Only install r4k counter as clocksource if present.

    Ralph Campbell (1):
    IB/ipath: Fix IB compliance problems with link state vs physical state

    Randolph Chung (1):
    [PARISC] clean up include/asm-parisc/elf.h

    Randy Dunlap (4):
    ACPI: prevent randconfig build failure on empty ACPI_CUSTOM_DSDT_FILE
    laptops: move laptop-mode.txt to Documentation/laptops/
    documentation: Move power-related files to Documentation/power/
    kernel-doc: set verbose mode via environment

    Robert P. J. Day (3):
    USB: g_printer.h does not need to be "unifdef"ed.
    USB: Remove __KERNEL__ check from non-exported gadget.h.
    USB:Update mailing list information in documentation

    Roel Kluin (2):
    ahci: logical-bitwise and confusion in ahci_save_initial_config()
    tifm_sd: DATA_CARRY is not boolean in tifm_sd_transfer_data()

    Roland Dreier (5):
    [WATCHDOG] Fix declaration of struct smbios_entry_point in hpwdt
    [WATCHDOG] Fix return value warning in hpwdt
    [WATCHDOG] hpwdt: Use dmi_walk() instead of own copy
    IPoIB/cm: Set tx_wr.num_sge in connected mode post_send()
    IPoIB: Allocate priv->tx_ring with vmalloc()

    Roland McGrath (2):
    x86: ia32 syscall restart fix
    genhd must_check warning fix

    Russell King (1):
    Merge branch 'omap-fixes'

    Rusty Russell (4):
    lguest: fix __get_vm_area usage.
    lguest: Sanitize the lguest clock.
    lguest: Revert 1ce70c4fac3c3954bd48c035f448793867592bc0, fix real problem.
    modules: fix module waiting for dependent modules' init

    SDiZ (1):
    bluetooth: CONWISE Technology based adapters with buggy SCO support (bugzilla #9027)

    Sam Ravnborg (3):
    ACPI: fix section mismatch in processor_core.c:acpi_processor_hotplug_notify
    acer-wmi: fix section mismatch warnings
    ACPI: fix section mismatch in acpi_pci_root_add

    Scott Wood (1):
    [POWERPC] 8xx: Fix wrapper platform for adder875, and combine defconfigs.

    Sean Hefty (1):
    IB/cm: Flush workqueue when removing device

    Sebastian Siewior (1):
    libertas: fix the 'compare command with itself' properly

    Stefan Richter (9):
    firewire: endianess fix
    firewire: endianess annotations
    firewire: fw-ohci: PPC PMac platform code
    firewire: fw-ohci: Apple UniNorth 1st generation support
    firewire: warn on fatal condition in topology code
    firewire: update Kconfig help text
    firewire: fw-sbp2: fix for SYM13FW500 bridge (Datafab disk)
    ieee1394: sbp2: fix for SYM13FW500 bridge (Datafab disk)
    firewire: fw-ohci: shut up false compiler warning on PPC32

    Steve Wise (1):
    RDMA/iwcm: Don't access a cm_id after dropping reference

    Sunil Mushran (5):
    ocfs2/dlm: Add missing dlm_lock_put()s
    ocfs2/dlm: Add missing dlm_lockres_put()s in migration path
    ocfs2/dlm: Add missing dlm_lockres_put()s
    ocfs2/dlm: Print message showing the recovery master
    ocfs2/dlm: dlm_thread should not sleep while holding the dlm_spinlock

    Tao Ma (3):
    ocfs2: Use dlm_print_one_lock_resource for lock resource print
    ocfs2: Fix an endian bug in online resize.
    ocfs2: Fix NULL pointer dereferences in o2net

    Tejun Heo (3):
    libata: allow LLDs w/o any reset method
    libata-sff: handle controllers w/o ctl register
    libata: don't allow sysfs read access to force param

    Theodore Ts'o (1):
    [POWERPC] Export empty_zero_page

    Thibaut VARENE (1):
    [PARISC] add back AD1889 MAINTAINERS entry

    Thiemo Seufer (1):
    [MIPS] Fix typo in comment

    Thomas Bogendoerfer (2):
    i8042: use SGI_HAS_I8042 to select SGI i8042 handlinig
    [MIPS] BCM1480: Init pci controller io_map_base

    Thomas Gleixner (1):
    x86: remove quicklists

    Thomas Klein (1):
    ehea: Fix missing Kconfig dependency

    Thomas Renninger (1):
    ACPICA: Warn if packages with invalid references are evaluated

    Timur Tabi (1):
    [POWERPC] QE: Fix QE firmware uploading limit

    Tobias Klauser (2):
    bluetooth: Make hci_sock_cleanup() return void
    bluetooth: make bnep_sock_cleanup() return void

    Tom Tucker (2):
    SVCRDMA: Add xprt refs to fix close/unmount crash
    SVCRDMA: Fix erroneous BUG_ON in send_write

    Tony Breeds (3):
    [POWERPC] Fix undefined pmu_sys_suspended compilation error
    [POWERPC] Fix drivers/macintosh/mediabay.c when !CONFIG_ADB_PMU
    [POWERPC] Fix arch/powerpc/platforms/powermac/pic.c when !CONFIG_ADB_PMU

    Tony Lindgren (4):
    ARM: OMAP1: Fix compile for boards depending on old gpio expander
    ARM: OMAP1: Refresh OSK defconfig
    ARM: OMAP1: Refresh H2 defconfig
    ARM: OMAP1: Compile in other 16xx boards to OSK defconfig

    Uwe Kleine-König (2):
    [ARM] 4851/1: ns9xxx: fix size of gpiores
    [ARM] 4853/1: include uImage target in make help

    Vitaly Bordug (1):
    [POWERPC] 8xx: fix swap

    Wolfgang Ocker (1):
    [MIPS] Alchemy: Fix ids in Alchemy db dma device table

    Yoichi Yuasa (1):

    Yoshinori Sato (1):
    h8300: fix recent uaccess breakage

    Yuri Tikhonov (1):
    [PPC] 8xx: swap bug-fix

    Zhang Rui (1):
    ACPI Exception (): AE_NOT_FOUND, Processor Device is not present (update)

    Zhang Wei (4):
    fsldma: Fix fsldma.c warning messages when it's compiled under PPC64.
    dmaengine: Fix a bug about BUG_ON() on DMA engine capability DMA_INTERRUPT.
    fsldma: Add device_prep_dma_interrupt support to fsldma.c
    fsldma: Add a completed cookie updated action in DMA finish interrupt.

    Zhang Yanmin (1):
    [NET]: Fix tbench regression in 2.6.25-rc1

    Zhang, Rui (2):
    thermal: fix generic thermal I/F for hwmon
    ACPI: thermal: show temperature in millidegree Celsius

    Zhao Yakui (1):
    ACPI: Ignore _BQC object when registering backlight device (1):
    toshiba_acpi: Enable autoloading

    frederic Rodo (1):
    dm9161: add configuration for MII/RMII

    peerchen (1):
    ahci: add the Device IDs for nvidia MCP7B AHCI

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