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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Ramback: faster than a speeding bullet
Daniel Phillips wrote:
> when you spend more money and buy all high end near-custom gear. In
> fact, the cheap stuff just keeps on chugging, because those guys can't
> afford to have it break.
> So please don't underestimate the reliability of a PC.

I strongly disagree. Cheap PC hardware is not even close to the quality
of a serious, branded machine. Often capacitors are missing from power
lines, and the ones that are installed fail sooner. Cooling fans are
lower quality and fail much sooner. Timing issues abound.

There's a reason why an IBM is a better machine than a "Black-n-Gold":
IBM value their name so when you have a problem, they have a problem.
Buy generic and when you get a problem they already have your money and
since they have no investment in their name, they have nothing more to
care about.

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