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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] disk-protect: Add a REQ_TYPE_LINUX_BLOCK request handler to libata
    On Fri 2008-03-07 19:26:14, Elias Oltmanns wrote:
    > Defines a generic handler to be used as the lb_request_fn() callback for
    > libata managed hosts. Support for REQ_LB_OP_FREEZE and REQ_LB_OP_THAW is
    > included as well.

    > Signed-off-by: Elias Oltmanns <>

    Both this and previous patch look ok to me -- but I'm not ATA

    It would be nice to get them in - thinkpad x42 kills few disks a year
    when running w/o active protection.

    (cesky, pictures)

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