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SubjectRe: Keys get stuck

On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 09:02 -0300, Carlos R. Mafra wrote:
> On Thu 13.Mar'08 at 12:28:13 +0100, Mike Galbraith wrote:
> >[...]
> > Swap can definitely keep X off the cpu for extended periods,
> >[...]
> So I would like to ask if swap letting X (and everything else
> in my experience) out of the cpu for extended periods is
> considered normal behaviour, in the sense that nobody is
> trying to "fix" it (due to it being considered impossible
> to fix)...?

No, it's not normal. I'd say the VM makes bad decisions if _moderate_
swapping behaves badly. Heavy swapping is another story. (I think Rik
is addressing some VM issues as we speak, so hopefully it will improve

> Sorry for being off-topic, but I run a minimal Window Maker
> desktop in a P4 3.0 GHz with 512 MB of RAM (around 140 MB
> being used as per 'free'), and trying to load a 380 MB text
> file in xjed editor makes my whole desktop quite unfair...
> it takes tens of seconds to switch desktop, type things in
> the terminal etc.
> When xjed finishes loading the text file, everything comes
> back to "fair" again.
> Is there some law in the nature of computers which says
> that when swapping everything else waits for swap to finish
> its business? I hope not :-)

Me too. In the past, I tested swap heavily (and beat it into submission
when it misbehaved for me), but haven't tested swap performance since
becoming fairly ram-wealthy.


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