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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] ACPI PCI slot detection driver
    Kristen Carlson Accardi wrote:
    > On Tue, 11 Mar 2008 22:10:40 +0900
    > Kenji Kaneshige <> wrote:
    >> Hi Alex-san,
    >> I tried your patches, and I have two comments. I want 1) to be fixed
    >> before merge to Greg's tree (or linux-next?), at least.
    > yes, we will not merge these patches without your ack.
    >> 1) I checked ACPI spec again and again, but I could not find any
    >> reason to add Fujitsu servers to quirks list. So I'd like you to
    >> add HP servers to the quirks list. I'll send the following patches
    >> followed by this e-mail.
    > I have followed up with a question on this on another thread, so I'll
    > skip to #2...
    > <snip>
    >> 2) The ACPI PCI slot detection driver would change the slot names of
    >> some hotplug drivers (at least I checked shpchp and pciehp). And
    >> the name of slots are depending on the order of driver loading.
    >> For example, on my system which has several SHPCHP slots and
    >> PCIEHP slots, the name of PCIEHP slots are changed as
    >> follows. Please note that PCIEHP based slots are 0034_0027 and
    >> 0032_0026, and others are SHPCHP based slots.
    >> - Without ACPI PCI slot detection driver
    >> # ls /sys/bus/pci/slots/
    >> 0009_0016 0014_0018 0019_0020 0021_0022 0034_0027
    >> 0011_0017 0016_0019 0021_0021 0032_0026
    >> - With ACPI PCI slot detection driver
    >> # ls /sys/bus/pci/slots/
    >> 0009_0016 0014_0018 0019_0020 0021_0022 27
    >> 0011_0017 0016_0019 0021_0021 26
    >> I had thought it is not a big problem before because people who
    >> don't like new names would not load the PCI slot driver. But since
    >> it is loaded automatically at boot time, I'm wondering that it
    >> would be a problem. For example, some platform, not fujitsu,
    >> depends on the old slot name to work, IIRC (Maybe Kristen knows
    >> the background about it). And I don't think the fact that slot
    >> names are changed depending on the order of driver loading is
    >> acceptable by system management people/software, though I don't
    >> have such software.
    >> Though I don't have any specific idea about this, folliwings might
    >> be candidates.
    >> - Override slot names with hotplug driver's slot names
    > I think this should be done - if the pci slot driver detects that a
    > hotplug driver is controlling a slot, it should allow that driver to
    > set the name of the slot.

    Yes, it is what I thought.
    But maybe we should try unifying slots names first, I think.

    >> - Unify slot names among all hotplug drivers
    > I'm not sure if we can do this, since slot name might depend on what
    > spec people are implementing.

    I'm not sure too. But I think we can unify the slot names using the
    combination of chassis number and slot number among the controllers
    which is based on PCI Hot-Plug spec.

    >> - Stop automatic loading of ACPI PCI slot driver
    > I think we should definitely implement this one ^^^.

    Yes. It's the simplest workaround.

    BTW, I'll be out of office tomorrow. So replying to this discussion
    will be delayed. I'm sorry about that.

    Kenji Kaneshige

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