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    SubjectRe: P6 NOPs again: MPSC?
    Hugh Dickins wrote:
    > I've now noticed that the machine I call MPENTIUM4 for 32-bit kernels
    > is called MPSC for 64-bit kernels, and in that case it still doesn't
    > get the P6 NOPs which I'm guessing it ought to (yeah, I'm so excited
    > about the speedup I can expect from P6 NOPs, can we perhaps have a
    > little silvery "Using Genuine P6 NOPs" sticker to put on the box? ;)
    > I'm suspecting that the patch below is actually wrong, and that it's
    > really the "(X86_64 || !X86_GENERIC) &&" which should be changed;
    > but very unsure of my ground and what's right for CPU_GENERIC -
    > the 32/64 heritage of x86/Kconfig.cpu rather confuses me.
    > Over to you to do the right thing, I'm hoping, please, Peter!

    X86_64 && !X86_GENERIC comes from not wanting to be a compatibility
    issue when compiling for generic CPUs. There are some 32-bit otherwise
    i686-compatible chips (from VIA and Transmeta) which don't have these NOPs.


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