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    SubjectRe: extra bytes written to SATA DVD drive on kernel 2.6.23 till
    Yes it happens with the DVD+RW (testet with dd now) and with DVD+R

    Thank you for the byte interpretation.
    Now I have a hint where to start with the debugging.


    On Saturday 01 March 2008 12:53:54 Sergey Vlasov wrote:
    >0x2a is the SCSI WRITE(10) command; the following 10 bytes look like
    >its arguments (bytes 2-5 - logical block address, bytes 7-8 - transfer
    >length in blocks); last 4 bytes seem to be another copy of the logical
    >block address.
    >Does this happen only with DVD-RAM? Could you try with a DVD+RW disk
    >(these disks could also be written to with a simple "dd" after initial

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