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Subject[patch 00/11] s390 patch set #3 for 2.6.25
the third s390 patch set for 2.6.25 and the last one with new features.
With this the overhaul of the memory management definitions for s390
is complete. The "1K/2K page table pages" patch removes the hack that
a pmd_t contains more than one pointer. This makes the code a lot
simpler and it allows to do clever things like dynamic page tables --
which increases the code complexity again ;-).

The shortlog:

Christian Borntraeger (1):
[S390] sclp_vt220: Fix vt220 initialization

Felix Beck (1):
[S390] zcrypt: Do not start ap poll thread per default

Martin Schwidefsky (8):
[S390] Update default configuration.
[S390] Wire up new timerfd syscalls.
[S390] Fix __ffs_word_loop/__ffz_word_loop inlnie assembly.
[S390] VMEM_MAX_PHYS overflow on 31 bit.
[S390] Remove a.out header file.
[S390] 1K/2K page table pages.
[S390] Add four level page tables for CONFIG_64BIT=y.
[S390] dynamic page tables.

Ursula Braun (1):
[S390] qdio: avoid hang when establishing qdio queues

blue skies,

"Reality continues to ruin my life." - Calvin.

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