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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Replace nvidia timer override quirk with pci id list
On the day of Saturday 09 February 2008 Andi Kleen hast written:
> > Grr, I don't know why I am discussing with stubborn and/or arrogant devs
> > like you seem to be. But I actually did what you wanted and as *expected*
> > - as I
> Thanks.
> > said I understand that trivial piece of code you posted - your patch
> > fails here for my nforce2:
> That is 2.6.24 + my patch? And system didn't boot?
> > cat /proc/interrupts
> > CPU0
> > 0: 832 XT-PIC-XT timer <---------------- seeing this?
> Well it looks like it is ticking. What are the symptoms?

You are seeing it. If you read my other mails you would comprehend it as well.

> Do you have a full boot log of the failure?

As I said inform yourself, what the intention of the quirk is about. I am
tired of this.

> > And no, I won't test it on my MCP51 as I *know* what happens: As soon as
> > I disable hpet, the quirk gets triggered and will lock up my system.
> I readded the HPET check in v2 especially for you so if HPET is enabled
> no quirk is triggered.

Still you didn't give *any* proof that mcp51 needs quirk at all. I therefore
want that line *removed*:

+ QBRIDGE(PCI_VENDOR_ID_NVIDIA, 0x02f0, nvidia_timer), /* mcp 51/nf4 ?

Furthermore my original bios didn't have option to enable hpet. What then?
Kernel hangs unless I specify acpi_use_timer_override. Great.

Hint: The correct way of quirking would be *only having this one* line:


According to Len Brown's comment this would work for every nforce2. For every
other nforceX use DMI Scan and only quirk known broken bioses instead of
messing up working boxes.

(°= =°)
//\ Prakash Punnoor /\\
V_/ \_V
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