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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] USB: mark USB drivers as being GPL only
    My, I am full of post scripts today.  This one is a peace token for Alan.

    David Newall wrote:
    > there are more reliable and transparent sources [than Alan.] Don't take his
    > word on it. Take the words of real experts in the law, because instead
    > of a mere four word conclusion, they explain everything.

    I do realise that my later postings come across harshly for Alan, and
    that they might seem to be attacking him. Of course, he did set himself
    up for that with his own snide and personal attacks on me. However, I
    took no offense and likewise intended none. I have not intended
    anything personally. I'm sure he's a jolly reliable bloke, and I can
    see he's a hard worker for, and advocate of, Linux, and that he's
    enormously respected. Nobody is right all the time and this, I believe,
    is a case where he is wrong. I hope nobody is upset that I pointed it
    out. I also hope that the ideas behind EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL might be

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